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About Stone Relief

Joey Weichmann

Stone Relief was started in 2018 after suffering from kidney stones for most of my adult life. I had been told I needed costly major surgery to solve the issue. After experimenting with a great number of prescription medications, herbal remedies and exhausting all resources available to me in the professional community, I found relief in the combination of a few simple natural ingredients, which have been in use for generations. Not finding equivalent options on the market, I designed this simple line of products to help as many people who struggle with kidney stones as I had.

It is said that between 1 in 6-10 Americans will suffer from kidney stones at some point in their life. That’s a lot of people in pain! As such, our focus at Stone Relief is education. So many people suffer needlessly from this painful and disruptive disorder and the resources available to them are weak at best.

Urologists and the medical community immediately prescribe powerful opiates and prescription medication in tandem with costly and invasive surgery. For some, this is their only recourse. But, for most of us, through thoughtful changes to our diet and the correct preventative maintenance products (like Stone Relief and many others), we can keep new stones at bay, reduce the size of any current stones, and naturally/safely relieve the pain associated with the passing of stones.

Please join me in bringing an end to this painful disorder once and for all!

~Wolfgang Weichmann

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