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There has been no toxicity reported in any of the clinical studies, nor have there been any side effects reported, except for an occasional case of cramps during the expulsion of stones from the use of the whole plant either as a tea or in “crude” (whole plant) extracts in capsules.  If cramping occurs, dosage can be cut in half. 

Although scientific studies have indicated Chanca Piedra is safe for pregnant women to take, documented ethnic uses in Brazil indicate its use as an abortive by rural populace (effect seen at higher doses), presumably due to the smooth muscle relaxant properties.  Therefore, if taken during pregnancy, it is recommended that doses of Chanca Piedra be kept low, especially during the first trimester.  As with any supplements used while pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner.

Chanca Piedra has been documented in human and animal studies with diuretic effects.  Chronic and acute use of this plant may be contraindicated in various other medical conditions where diuretics are not advised.  Chronic long-term use of any diuretic can cause electrolyte and mineral imbalances; however, human studies with Chanca Piedra (for up to three months of chronic use) have not reported any side effects.  Consult your doctor if you choose to use this plant chronically for longer than three months concerning possible side effects of long-term diuretic use.

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