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Kidney Cleanse Herbal Capsules
Kidney Cleanse Herbal Capsules
Kidney Cleanse Herbal Capsules

Kidney Cleanse Herbal Capsules

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Stone Relief kidney stone herbal capsules represent the easiest way to acheive powerful kidney stone relief. Each kidney stone herbal capsule contains a potent blend of raw Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus Niruri), raw-organic Hydrangea Root, raw-organic Dandelion Root, freeze-dried raw Lemon, and freeze-dried Apple Cider Vinegar.

Daily use of our kidney stone herbal capsules provides the best chance of preventing future kidney stone formation, reducing the size of current kidney stones, and relieving associated pain as kidney stones pass. Use twice daily for even stronger results or when passing a stone. 

More on the ingredients:

  • Chanca Piedra: Amazonian super-herb whose name translates to “Stone Breaker.” The indigenous people gave it this name due to their effective use of the herb in eliminating kidney stones and gallstones. Based on recent studies, the herb also possesses superior analgesic (pain relieving) qualities that have been shown to be several times more potent than modern pain medication - all without the harmful side effects.
  • Hydrangea Root: Is an extremely effective diuretic that has documented usage dating back to the time of Native Americans. Through increased urine flow, this root has the ability to remove impurities from the system and lessens the likelihood of infection along the entire urinary tract, which includes the kidneys, bladder, prostate (in men) and urethra. Hydrangea, like Chanca Piedra, is also considered an anti-lithic herb, which prevents stones or gravel from forming in the kidneys and bladder. Anti-lithic herbs also assist the body in removing stones and gravel from these organs.
  • Dandelion Root: Used for centuries as a natural diuretic helping to raise urine output and blood flow to the kidneys. The root is also enriched with potassium and does not reduce potassium in the body like other diuretics. Proper potassium levels are critical when it comes to kidney stones. Low potassium leads to an excess amount of calcium being excreted from the body through urine that passes through the kidneys (which leads to kidney stone formation). Dandelion root is also an anti-inflamitory, aiding in pain relief and soothing the passage of kidney stones.
  • Lemon: An abundant, natural source of citric acid proven to inhibit new kidney stone formation and to break up stones that are beginning to form. The more citric acid in your urine, the more protected you are. A lemon a day will keep the kidney stones away!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: The citric acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar softens, breaks down, and dissolves kidney stones. It also has the ability to alkalize blood and urine while increasing stomach acid which helps prevent new stones from forming and improves digestion. Apple Cider Vinegar has even been shown to help reduce pain/inflammation from kidney stones and can rid the body of toxins and excess minerals that can lead to kidney stones. Thus having a cleansing effect on the kidney and liver. Additionally, apple cider vinegar contains trace amounts of Potassium, which has been shown to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Research from 2016 found that higher levels of dietary potassium intake were strongly associated with the prevention of kidney stones. A 2017 study also looked at the effect of different dietary habits on kidney stones and fermented vinegar was found to have a positive effect on the prevention of stones.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications. 

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